Kayseri v Konya

Asian Handicap
Pick: Kayseri +0
Odds: 2
Stake: 1

Match date: 24/12/2020
The reason I am making this bet is depended on 2 factors.

1- Kayserispor really need a victory as they are longing for 3 points since second October.
2- Konyaspor lost 2 consecutive matches and they will suffer from the absent list.

Kayserispor did not loose 4 league matches consecutively since Samet Aybaba took over the team -if we do not count their last match on away against Antalyaspor-. Last weekend they lost on away to Antalyaspor 2-0 but their 2 goals were disallowed and they made big deal out of it on media. This time they have got no excuse to come with. They need to win this match and clear the black clouds and their opponent with their current condition is very suitable.

Konyaspor are suffering from the injured players. Omer Ali Sahiner (F 1 goal 2 assists 636 minutes), Farouk Miya (M 629 minutes), Artem Kravets (F 5 goals 1 assist 612 minutes), Sokol Cikalleshi (F 505 minutes), Alper Uludag (D 1 assist 383 minutes), Paolo Hurtado (M 3 goals 337 minutes), Musa Cagiran (M 1 goal 239 minutes) and Samuel Eduok (F 1 goal 199 minutes) are important absents. I must emphasize that without these players their bench for sure will be weaker and for them to take action -when needed during the match- will not be very effective against a team who are hungry for a win at their home ground.

It is like almost 3 months now for Kayserispor without a win in Super League. There is no doubt how they are concentrated on this clash. I also remember the last football of Konyaspor at home against Sivasspor. I must inform here that Konyaspor played terrible especially in the first 60 minutes of the match. Odds already dropped but I think the fair line should be +0 here and value still there. IMO still a very good investment we have got here. (By the way the biggest absent for Kayserispor is their main GK Lung)."
LOST Score: 1:2 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    CK 24/12/2020 14:52:59
    Looks good at halftime. 
  • 2
    CK 24/12/2020 16:14:58
    What a disappointment. Turkish League is full of fixed matches. 

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