Kanazawa - Ryukyu

Asian Handicap
Pick: Kanazawa 0
Odds: 1.88
Stake: 1

Match date: 03/07/2021

I think these odds are influenced by the last round results when Ryukyu scored 4 past Matsumoto Yamaga, while Kanazawa conceded 4 from Montedio Yamagata. Of course there is the rankings as well as Ryukyu is a top 5 team, while Kanazawa is in the inferior part of the table. Anyway, Ryukyu massive win over Yamaga came because Matsumoto were really poor on the day and their young defense made a lot of errors at the back and many of the goal were in fact gifts from the opposition rather than well deserved goals. Kanazawa faced a in-form Yamagata side, but even so the 1-4 results was harsh on them. In the end it was a deserved win for Yamagata, but the scoreline didn't reflect what happened on the pitch at all. Having in mind these circumstances, I think Zweigen is priced too high here.

LOST Score: 1:2 Profit: -1
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