Köln : Hertha BSC

Asian Handicap
Odds: 1.72
Stake: 1

Match date: 16/01/2021
A duel between 2 teams that are totally out of form. Köln comes from a devastating 0:5 loss at Freiburg in a game where the whole team practically refused to play football. That game only topped the frustrating performances by this team during the past few months. As a matter of fact Köln with no win also not scoring a single goal in the last 4 matches. They are the worst home team in this league winning only 2 points out of the 8 games in their home arena so far this season. ?n all of the last 13 games they conceded at least 1 time. Anyway it is Kölns ?mpotant offense that is the weakest part of the team. To generate decent goal chances at all is a big problem and with striker Sebastian Andersson being sidelined everything depends on 32-year old Anthony Modeste. Their opponent from Berlin also going for a very disappointing season especially when considering that investor Lars Windhorst again had pumped around 30 Mio EUR into the club before this season. Thus at least quality wise the team must be rated clearly above the home team. With Columbian attacker Cordoba a former Köln player will come back to his old club. Also Brazilan Cunha is expected to play from the start again. Hertha with nice stats against Köln. Against no other club but Köln, Hertha has won more away games in their Bundesliga history. Also the last 2 away games at Köln had bee won by them without conceding. ? dont believe in a home win."
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