UEFA Champions League
Asian Handicap
Pick: Juve -1.5
Odds: 2.3
Stake: 1

Match date: 09/03/2021

Juventus hosting Porto in the second leg of the Champions League 1/8 finals after losing the first match by 2-1. 

The first match started very bad for Juve as in the first seconds of the match after a mistake from Betancur Porto managed to score and from there their task to manage the game was simplified. They closed at the back and made life very difficult for Juve, who was also on a bad night and didn’t produce a lot. Still after everything seemed to go to hell for Juve, Chiesa managed to score one goal and suddenly gave Juve very big hopes to progress through. We know that a 2-0 defeat is very hard to overturn in such matches while 2-1 is way different and gives the losing team big chances to overturn at home. I believe this will be the case with Juve tonight.

After the scudetto seems nearly impossible to win this year, champions league remains Juve’s biggest objective for this season and an elimination in this round will surely mean a big failure. I don’t believe Juve to have any chances to win it but still I expect them to pass this round at least. So I expect Juventus to be very well prepared and focused and to show their advantage against Porto. 

Except for the defeat against Napoli and Porto, Juve has been in good form lately especially at home where they have won 10 of their last 11 matches with a 29-5 goal difference. Not only that, but Juve have won their last seven home matches in Serie A, scoring at least twice on each occasion. So, playing against Juve at Allianz is always a challenge for every team and Porto is no exception. 

On the other hand Porto is in the same position as Juve. Their title hopes are close to zero as Sporting already ten points ahead and showing no signs of weakness, so the champions league the only place remaining to show something. They were enjoying a good moment but the elimination from Braga in the semis of Taca de Portugal will surely not help in their mental preparation for this game. That was Porto’s only hope for a trophy this season and that is gone now. I expect Porto to use the same tactic as in the first match, to wait at the back and try to surprise Juve with a counter or something like that. That could of course work but if Juve manages to score than for Porto it will be very difficult as they have to score and they will leave spaces at the back. Juve will start in attack with their best players Ronaldo, Morata and Chiesa. 

For this match Juve will miss Danilo suspended and Betancur with Covid, also Dybala who is injured for quite some time now, but Juve has the right replacements for them. For this match Bonucci and Arthur are back and could start, especially Leo who will partner Demiral in the back. De Ligt and Chiellini also available but are not expected to start. Porto with almost full team except Chencel Mbemba. 

So to sum up I expect Juventus to dominate this match from the start and pass through. Juve has already shown to overturn such results in the past of course that home factor and experience will help a lot tonight. 

LOST Score: 2:1 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    Shuaib Yunus Hassan 10/03/2021 00:46:41
    Porto were with ten men for more than 30 minutes before the full time whistle (90th min) and Juventus should have won the game quite easily but whatever had to happen, it happened.
    Anyways good preview and you nearly had won it.
    Keep it up though
  • 2
    Klevis 10/03/2021 09:33:27
    That’s why I was sorry not to win this pick because after being in superiority of one man, Juve had several great chances to close the match. I believe that they were sure that they would score the third that’s why they didn’t put too much pressure. Also the absence or Ronaldo in this match was the biggest blow. I say absence because he did nothing in this match. Very disappointed from him because he lives for this kind of matches, but maybe age is becoming a factor and he can’t go pass it. Still thank you for your support! The battle goes on 

    p.s. I made good profit from this match as I got odds around 4 at halftime for Juve to win in regular time, so it went good for me 
  • 3
    Shuaib Yunus Hassan 10/03/2021 11:19:53
    Whenever teams have advantage of extra men, they should start to push pressure straight away and I agree with you Juventus tried to take the game deep. Anyways bad season for Juventus in UCL and Serie A as well
  • 4
    Shuaib Yunus Hassan 10/03/2021 11:21:28
    What Juventus did as a mistake in my opinion was buying many players together and changing more than half of the squad. Normally teams should buy 2-3 players, as they have brought in so many new players, it will take time for them to adapt and understand each other well.

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