JS Hercules-RoPS A

Asian Handicap
Pick: RoPS A(+0.5)
Odds: 1.94
Stake: 1

Match date: 28/05/2021

Hometeam JS Hercules last season was good,when they was 2nd place in this league kakkonen group C.They have managed to even strenghtened their squad with some players from neighbourclub AC Oulu.Anyway they started their season with shockloss in derbygame against OLS(0-1),when OLS are clearly ranked bottom 3 in this group.After that they managed get 2-2 awaydraw against FC Vaajakoski and in last game they eliminated 6-0 against weakened GBK.They come to miss only Kuutti Matila.

Awayteam RoPS A are leader of this group C with homedraw against OTP(2-2),awaywin against OLS(0-2) and homewin against FC Vaajakoski(1-0).They come to get 2 loanplayers from their motherteam(RoPS),defender Erik Kantola and attacker Jarkko Luiro who scored in his best season(2019) 20 goals in 20 games in league kakkonen.

Hometeam cant be more than thin favorite in this game against well experienced team RoPS A.RoPS A have quite many players who have experience from last season in veikkausliiga(RoPS) so they are tough opponent for sure.In preseason JS Hercules-RoPS A ended 0-0.

LOST Score: 1:0 Profit: -1
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