Asian Handicap
Pick: Jippo(-2)
Odds: 2.27
Stake: 1

Match date: 11/10/2020
Hometeam Jippo is biggest promoting favorite in this groub C and everything is still on their own hands, when they meet out of form GBK today. Jippi won Kakkonencup final against group B team KaaPo(1-0). Jippo have 4 games left and they are 1 point behind leader Hercules(3 games remaining).Awayteam GBK collapsed their form early if august, when they won 8-0 against VIFK after that they have 6 straight games without win and loss against VIFK 4-0 and draw against bottomteam Kiisto tells everything of their form. I smelk bigger homewun here. "
VOID Score: 3:1 Profit: 0
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  • 1
    Robert Munter 11/10/2020 14:55:08
    Line(-2) was too big today, because i was late with (-1.5) anyway everything was fine still on 94th minutes when GBK scored 3-1 goal.
  • 2
    InsideSport 12/10/2020 11:20:01
    Better luck next time Robert, it was a value!

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