Asian Handicap
Pick: NJS(+1.5)
Odds: 1.806
Stake: 1

Match date: 09/06/2021

Hometeam JaPS are one of topranked team in this league kakkonen group A,after they signed midfielder Joakim Arila and experienced attacker Aleksi Ristola who have lots of experience from veikkausliiga.Their most biggest losses was brothers Rexhepi,when both players Lum&Kron decide to not continue their career in JaPS.JaPS have started their season with homewinagainst Kiffen(5-1) and in 2nd round away against PeKa(1-2).Their only questionable player are midfielder Herkko Kuosa who get knocks against PeKa.

Awayteam NJS was last season not higher place than 9th end of season.Their problem was to keep same good level in whole 90 minutes so example they managed to win PK-35(promote end of season),but loss against FC Viikingit(relegate end of season).NJS have had best preseason ever when their totalstats from 15 games was 7-4-4 included couple very strong wins.They loss attacker Tony Lehtimaki to PK-35 and their promising talent midfielder Miro Salminen,who get contract to veikkausliigateam FC Haka contiunue anyway loanplayerstatus with them.NJS signed 2 ex-JaPSplayers after last season when midfielder Nico Pyykola and attacker Akseli Pohjantahti joined their squad.NJS have started their season with awaywin against MyPa(0-2) and homedraw against KaPa(0-0).Questionable players are Reko Rasanen,Samu Leppala and Markus Laihanen.

This is derbygame between almost neighbours so this is that game you cant loss(bothways).Last season JaPS was already favorite in these games,but games was really tight when JaPS won at home 3-2,NJS won at home 2-1 and 3rd game drawed 2-2.JaPS are way too big favorite in my papers so +1.5 to NJS is pure value.

LOST Score: 3:0 Profit: -1
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