Jagiellonia - Termalica B-B.

Asian Handicap
Pick: away +0.25
Odds: 1.98
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/08/2021

Termalica is one of the few teams in Poland where the president is a fan, and it is thanks to him that in a few years the team has climbed all the categories from the lowest up to Ekstraklasa. Despite the relegation after three championships played in Ekstraklasa, the president never defeated the team but has always reinforced this even when he played in 1liga by paying salaries to the highest players of the other teams. After failing to return to Ekstraklasa by changing several coaches two seasons ago, Lewandowski arrived late in the championship and the team came to play for the playoffs losing to Warta Poznan but the following season from the first day they always remained in the promotion area thanks to the work of the technical. After the promotion, the president strengthened the team a lot and although in the first two games he collected two points at home it must be said that they were very unlucky, against Stal Mielec which in any case was a felt derby if there is no episode at the beginning. penalty shoot-out for the guests would win. Last Saturday they gave football lessons at Wisla Krakow and the result is very liar, Termalica dominated the whole game by building many goal chances but not realizing much, the draw of Wisla Krakow in the final came on an inactive ball thanks to the mistake of the goalkeeper who failed to hold the ball. Away from home in 1liga they have won many games in Ekstraklasa today they are at their first outing against a Jagiellonia who, it is true, beat Rakow Czestochowa 3-0 last Sunday but they only played with two starters. Today is another game and in front of them they will face a team that makes possession of the ball, clearly if there are no unfavorable episodes or defensive errors I do not think that Termalica will lose this game.

LOST Score: 1:0 Profit: -1
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