Jagiellonia - Rakow

Asian Handicap
Pick: home 0
Odds: 1.86
Stake: 1

Match date: 01/08/2021

Unpublished formation that of Rakow Czestochowa tonight at 20 against Jagiellonia. Rakow Czestochowa who last Thursday played extra time against the Lithuanians Suduwa in the conference league and spent a lot. Tonight, besides the goalkeeper, only central defender Arsenic and Papanikolau play, the rest are all reserves. Jagiellonia against Lechia Gdansk in the first game played a good match and I think that if they don't take advantage of this big opportunity with the big turn over of Rakow it would be sensational. I am sure that Jagiellonia will win this match and there will probably be several goals given how Rakow Czestochowa is deployed in this match. Unfortunately, the line-up came out a few minutes ago so I couldn't be sure of this turnover of guests.

WIN Score: 3:0 Profit: +0.86
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    Jugoslav 03/08/2021 00:38:58
    Mate, could you help me with some kind of opinion on Zaglebie Sosnowiec? I tink about joining their scouting department but am not sure if they have ambitions of reaching Ekstraklassa, feeling like no is the answer. Greets