Istra 1961 - Lokomotiva

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Pick: AH -0.25 Istra
Odds: 2.22
Stake: 1

Match date: 10/03/2021

Istra 1961 and Lokomotiva from Zagreb will play remaining match of 16th round of 1. Croatian football league at 5 pm CET in Pula. This is a duel of the last and penultimate team in the league, and therefore has a huge significance in the fight to stay (only one club drops out of the league).

This match is especially important for the hosts, who have three points less than Lokomotiva (20-17) and only a victory brings them back to an equal fight for at least ninth place. There is no doubt that Istra 1961 will try to be aggressive and offensive from the first minute, although it is necessary to beware of the counter-attacks of the guests, who have one very fast player, and that is Aliyu.

Similar scenario was seen in the last round when Istra hosted Šibenik, and lost first half 0:1, but played great in the second half and won 3:2. Coach Danijel Jumić says that today he wants a good play from the first minute and that this victory against Šibenik brought a great deal of confidence to his team.

However, the most important thing for the club from Pula is a few new players arrived this winter, who have now standardized in the first 11. These are primarily two attackers Hara and Bande (former Ajax player), and a very good goalkeeper Lučić. Along with the best player and scorer Gržan and offensive midfielder Ivančić, Bande and Hara are two strikers with talent and good shots, and they should be the biggest threat to the visitor goalkeeper today. Defenders Sergi and Tomašević are injured, but Jumić has good alternations for them (Navarro, Šutalo).

Lokomotiva was sensationally second last season, but in the summer sold all the most important players and this season is fighting to stay in the league. The biggest problem of Lokomotiva is inefficiency, they have a hard time to creating chances and even harder to score goals, only 17 in 23 games, the least in the league.

In addition, striker Tuci and midfielders Djira and Kallaku, three very important players in the concept of coach Jerko Leko, were injured. Lokomotiva will play defensively and firmly in Pula, because one point is enough for them to maintain the advantage over Istra, and for the weekend they will play at home against the same opponent.

Coach Leko said that his goal is to win four points from those two games. In the last round, his team visited Slaven Belupo, defended for 90 minutes and fulfilled the goal of winning one point (0:0).

This is match in which Istra 1961 will do everything to win three points, while Lokomotiva will patiently defend and look for chances from the transition. It could be uncertain, but still an advantage for the host, who brought several very good players, who should bring an advantage in games like this, where the rivals are of similar quality level.

WIN Score: 3:1 Profit: +1.22
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  • 2
    Bullet 10/03/2021 16:26:32
    for me best bet is over 2 goals@1.85 sbobet, I crashed odds to 1.82 , max bet per click was cca280 eur
  • 3
    kaskader 10/03/2021 16:41:14
    Bullet: for me best bet is over 2 goals@1.85 sbobet, I crashed odds to 1.82 , max bet per click was cca280 eur

    I take a risk here this is a "life or die" match for Istra.
    And by the way, Lokomotiva is the biggest cancer of Croatian football, a symbol of everything negative that destroys Croatia, so I want only one thing for them - to drop out from the league and fall apart in future.
  • 4
    kaskader 10/03/2021 16:55:05

    Team news
    - Aliyu start on the bench of Lokomotiva, Istra in a completely offensive line-up with four strikers

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