Istra 1961 - Hajduk Split

Asian Handicap
Pick: Hajduk -0.75
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 31/10/2020
Istra 1961 won only five points in eight games and is the last team in 1st HNL, according to most analyzes and the first candidate to be relegated. Uncertain defense, uncreative midfield and lack of a real goalscorer are all problems for the young coach Faust Budicin, for whom this is first season in elite Croatian league in his career.

Istra is facing one of the most difficult challenges today because Hajduk, the second most trophy-winning Croatian club, is coming in Pula, big club who is not at the heights he would like to be, but has a quality players roster and in matches of this type success for Hajduk is only - victory.
Both clubs did not play in the last round because their rivals had problems with Covid 19, while Istra still has problems with injured players. Today, home team will miss the first goalkeeper Majkić and two good central backs Tomašević and Paez, which weakens already weak defense. Coach Budicin will try by playing with three central defenders in the 3-2-4-1 system, but it is clear that the host will play completely defensively and look for opportunities from the counter-attacks, primarily through his fastest player Gržan.

Hajduk comes in a complete line-up, all players are at the disposal for coach Hari Vukas, who has the imperative to win this match after several bad results, which put the club from Split in sixth place. New Turkish center forward Umut Nayir is in better physical condition and will be alternation for the first striker Diamantakos, while Dolček will probably start on the right wing instead of Brazilian Jairo, who should be a joker from the bench.

On Friday, Hajduk elected a new president, former vice president Jakša Jakobušić, and he will decide on the fate of coach Vukas and sports director Kepčija in the next 15 days. That is another additional motive for coach Vukas to win today and prove himself to the new president.

A complete offensive of the guests is to be expected from the first minute, they are a better quality and much better team than Istra and the victory could be expressed with more than one goal difference. Hajduk has beaten Istra in 14 of their last 15 league games, and has not lost againt club from Pula since July 26, 2015. Of those 14 victories, 11 were with at least two goals difference.

Possible starting 11:
ISTRA 1961 (3-2-4-1): Juric - Hujber, Galilea, Bosančić - Blagojević, Halilović - Lisica, Gržan, Vuk, Sergi Gonzalez - Guzina.

HAJDUK (4-2-3-1): Posavec - Jakoliš, Dimitrov, Vušković, Čolina - Jurić, Jradi - Dolček, Caktaš, Gyurcso - Diamantakos. "
LOST Score: 1:0 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    kaskader 31/10/2020 03:40:13
    Pick: AH +0.75 2

    Hajduk's victory with two goals difference, if it is with one goal, half of the bet is a win
  • 2
    CK 31/10/2020 04:23:45
    kaskader: Pick: AH +0.75 2

    Hajduk's victory with two goals difference, if it is with one goal, half of the bet is a win

    Bro, the odds should be Hajduk AH -0.75....

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