Ireland - Serbia

Asian Handicap
Pick: Serbia -0.25 AH
Odds: 1.94
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/09/2021

Being a Serbian fan or not but I think that everyone would agree, Serbia under head coach Dragan Stojkovic Piksi is completely different team than it was in couple previous competition circle. This time since Stojkovic is in charge, finally they are looking great. 

Currently tied with Portugal on the top of Group A, Serbia is with great chances to qualify, especially if they win all three points on this visit to Ireland which I think they will. 

Serbia has lost less energy than Ireland during September national team window cause one of their two games was a friendly where coach Stojkovic was able to mix its squad. Firstly they beat Qatar (4:0) on neutral location in Hungary and then the best team hosted Luxembourg for another goal fest (4:1). 

Ireland has played on those occasions in Portugal (2:1 loss) and at home vs Azerbaijan (1:1 draw). 

Complete disappointment from Irish team in these qualifications. Draw vs Azerbaijan was their only point so far. They lost from Serbia away and even at home from I must say not so bad Luxembourg. Basically their only good game was in Portugal where Ireland was leading 1:0 practically till injury time but then Ronaldo has scored twice, firstly equalizer in 89th and then he brough the victory in 90+6 minute.

I really must question in what kind of mood Irish team is now when they don't have anymore the chance to qualify. Last round home game against weakest team in the group just confirmed that Ireland is done with these qualifications. No wonder if they change many players now and in some hand start preparations for the next circle. 

Serbia on the other side is in full speed right now and I really can't see them being stopped in Ireland. They play good and scores many goals. 

It should be mentioned that Aleksandar Mitrovic who against Luxembourg has scored two more goals, suffered unpleasant blow in the face late in that match and with bloody face left the game.  

There is concern if he will be available. Allegedly cheekbone is affected but Mitrovic wants to play. In theory his absence is huge since 7 of Serbian 11 goals in these qualifications have been scored by Mitrovic. But even if he sits out I have no worries cause Dusan Vlahovic is also amazing plus Luka Jovic is waiting his chance too. 

I feel current odds on Serbian victory are too high while if Mitrovic plays than those odds are ridiculously high. Should be nice value in any case.  


HALF LOST Score: 1:1 Profit: -0.5
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