Inter Turku-Mariehamn IFK

Asian Handicap
Pick: Inter(-1)
Odds: 1.84
Stake: 1

Match date: 10/06/2021

Hometeam Inter Turku have been one of topranked team in veikkausliiga already several years.They showed already in Finnish cup that they are once again one of topteam in Finland,when they managed to keep clean sheet 398 minutes and concended first goal not earlier than in semifinalgame against HJK.Inter have won 4 straight games in veikkausliiga and last game where i expected them to have difficult game away aginst HIFK,they won 1-4.Important defender Rick Ketting is questionable.

Awayteam Mariehamn IFK have sailing under dark clouds in recent weeks with 3 straight losses.Big homelosses against one of bottomranked FC Haka(0-3) and against FC Lahti(0-3) cant be good for their selfconfidence.In start of this season i mention,that its still difficult to rank this team because lots of players have moved in/out.Anyway now it seems,that because of huge changed of their squad their teamwork have suffered alot and also every new players are not enough high level right now.They come to miss for sure suspended Mikko Sumusalo,Eero Tamminen,Riku Sjoroos,Aapo Maenpaa and attacker Elis Mastokangas who are loanplayer from Inter and are not available because of that.Also very important defender Robin Buwalda are questionable.

Inter Turku was last season one of best hometeam in veikkausliiga and also they have 7 straight wins at home against Mariehamn IFK.Inter are right now in highfly and against out of form Mariehamn i expected clear homewin.

WIN Score: 3:0 Profit: +0.84
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  • 1
    Nemanja 10/06/2021 12:16:48
    :) nice.i just wanted to ask you about the same bet...
  • 2
    Robert Munter 10/06/2021 12:42:55
    Nemanja: :) nice.i just wanted to ask you about the same bet...

  • 3
    Nemanja 10/06/2021 13:41:58
    Robert Munter:
    Nemanja: :) nice.i just wanted to ask you about the same bet...

    0.05 BTC total bet.vamosss

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