Independiente Medellin vs Pasto

Asian Handicap
Pick: Pasto HA 0.0
Odds: 1.793
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/03/2021
The DIM has a large infirmary 15 casualties and many important ones. Let's start Team and tournament scorer, Agustin Vuletich One of the best goalkeepers in the league, Mosquera Marmolejo German Gutierrez, regular defender Loaiza, starting midfielder, dropped due to yellow accumulation And I name them in succession because they are a lot, Moreno, Rolin, Yesus Diaz, Pineda…. All these headlines James Sanchez, who although he is low 3 weeks ago, was also a starter in midfield And then replacement players like Estupi?an, W. Rodriguez, Y Diaz, E. Mosquera and Y. Gomez Both Dim and Pasto come from similar days, a lot of draws and few wins, and no losses if we take the last dates Pasto yesterday played with Equidad for the South American, but he comes to this game rested so I trust that the coach of Pasto will bet on the best in this game vs Dim because he is a direct rival if he wants to enter among the best 8 It also comes from just beating Equity in height, they are clearly on the rise With all those losses from the DIM, Pasto has the chance to cut distances They are too low, as it is almost never seen so that Dim can face this match

VOID Score: 2:2 Profit: 0
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