Independiente Medellin vs Jaguares

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Independiente Med
Odds: 1.746
Stake: 1

Match date: 14/02/2021
We are going to this game that for me the quota they give us has no explanation Although the DIM in the past season passed badly despite having come back a bit at the end, at the beginning of this season with the arrival of Bolillo Gomez to the technical direction and several reinforcements that the team really needed, the DIM returned to the place that corresponds He reached the final of the Colombia Cup, getting out of the middle nothing more and nothing less than Junior and for the league he did his homework when he was due, every home victory except against millionaires, another from a more than important squad If he lost until here it was because he put all substitute teams (Junior and Tolima) Although this game is after the final of the Colombia cup, it will not arrive tired since yesterday as I said it put all substitutes and the final is also played in the Dim stadium, so they will not have trips in between and whatever pass the DIM can not neglect the tournament and no longer rotate Jaguars do 12 games that they do not win and of the last 25 they only win 1 I want to say that this team, one of the most humble budgets in the league, only makes it strong when it plays at home in hunting, where the temperature is always 35 degrees or more and complicates several teams But outside his stadium his level drops a lot Great chances that this pick will come out and the odds should be much lower

VOID Score: void bet-out of rules- Profit: 0
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