Indepediente Santa Fe vs Junior

Copa Libertadores
1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Junior win
Odds: 1.847
Stake: 1

Match date: 25/05/2021
The grand finale is for Junior 
The truth is, they do not deserve to be left out of the liberators
They made two great matches to River, both in Argentina and Colombia where they were one minute away from winning the victory
Last week with many casualties
I beat Fluminense in the Maracana Now he will recover the scorer, Borja and the extreme Hinestroza and add players who made a great game in Brazil like Cetre.
Forced to win to stay alive and winning by 2 goals no longer depends on anyone to qualify for the next round because River and Fluminense face each other
Let's talk about the rival now ...
First they lost the localia, the game will be played in Ecuador, Ambato. Although there are 2,600 meters high, it is worth clarifying that Independiente has not played a game at that height since April 11 when they received Millonarios. Therefore, I suppose that the height effect that they had as an ally had already been partially lost Second, they don't play for nothing, they are totally eliminated from all competition.
Third, we already saw the level of this team in the entire classification and more in the game against River, where they could not even make merits to tie a team without substitutes, with some youth and with a field player as a goalkeeper! I resigned the DT, they were adrift and it would not even be strange given that there is no great rivalry, that they give up the points so that a team from the country can advance
Nor do I rule out the bad campaign as a punishment (they also failed in the local tournament and were eliminated in the quarterfinals), which would separate the starting players for this match.

LOST Score: 0:0 Profit: -1
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