Huracan vs Union

Asian Handicap
Pick: Union +0.25
Odds: 1.709
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/08/2021

Huracan not only arrives quite badly at this game but also does it with several casualties

Full of casualties in defense such as Lozano, W. Perez, Erquiaga, Iba?ez who continues to purge the red against River and Grimi is still low

They were all headlines at different times, but there comes a time when they will have to turn to inexperienced people like now

And all this immersed in a 4 game winless streak

It comes from losing to lanus, I draw a draw from River B but they deserved to lose, a draw against colon and defeat against tucuman

They won on the first date because Defense put a majority substitutes and on top of that we already see that this defense and justice is not even close to last semester

On the other side a Union, which will not have casualties

It will repeat the same formation with which they thrashed San Lorenzo 4-0

Union deserves to have more points than it has, I have no doubts, I deserved more against Boca and against Banfield

That is why I see the Santa Fe with clear chances of winning, in any case we cover the tie well with a high quota or playing at +0.25 which is also good

HALF WIN Score: 0:0 Profit: +0.35
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