Honka akatemia-PIF

Asian Handicap
Pick: PIF(0)
Odds: 2.02
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/09/2021

Hometeam Honka akatemia have had weird season with 1 month long break because of Covid-19 quarantine.Anyway they have had quite nice season with stats 7-3-5/goals:20-14 so they have concended fewiest goals in this group B.They are already too faraway from groupleader PIF,but also they are safe from relegationzone.They should have no important missings.

Awayteam PIF showed already in kakkonen cup before mainseason,that they could be one of topteam this season when they get place in semifinal and eliminated by one of best team in this level SJK akatemia in overtime.PIF are still not securited promotion,when they are 6pts. ahead 2nd place Jazz and have 1 game less played.Anyway with win against Honka akatemia they are 99% sure promoted.They should not have important missings.

PIF are in huge form with 5 straight wins with goaldifference 15-2 and they still need some win/wins to securited their promotion into league ykkonen.They won 2 weeks ago against Honka akatemia at home 1-0 and they are fullmotivated to do that again,so i wondering how they are not even favorite here?

VOID Score: 0:0 Profit: 0
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