HJK-Inter Turku

Under / Over
Pick: Under 2.25
Odds: 2.07
Stake: 1

Match date: 10/04/2021

Finland cup semi-final:

Hometeam HJK crushed HIFK in quarterfinals 0-3 even game was 0-0 in halftime.Key of the game coming up in 59th minute,when HIFK`s Jukka Halme sent off and HJK managed score 2 goals after that.HJK have been strong in preseason with stats 6-1-1 goals:19-5,anyway their only game against another top4 teams they lost(KuPS 0-1).HJK come to miss defenders Kouavissi-Benissan and Valtteri Moren.

Awayteam Inter Turku have been only team sofar in cup who have not concended any goals in totally 4 games(Honka 0-2,IFK Mariehamn 2-0,Haka 1-0 and SJK 1-0 in overtime).Inter come to miss only defender Juuso Hamalainen.

Lots of tight games between 2 topteams in Finland in recent years,2018 in cup HJK-Inter 0-1,2019 Inter-HJK 1-0,last season they meet in groupstage then HJK won 1-0 and in final HJK won 0-2.

This come to be huge game to both teams in their ways into place in European cups.Inter have already showed their skills to defend their own zone and they now exactly what they need to watch out of their opponents.I belive that here we need to wait longtime before we come to see somekind of solution in this game so low scoring into this semifinal too is my call.

LOST Score: 4:0 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    Robert Munter 10/04/2021 09:16:48
    Forgot to add that In Helsinki is only 2-3 degrees and choppy wind between 15-20 m/seconds.
  • 2
    InsideSport 10/04/2021 09:19:02
    We do not want to see goals in cold Finland today

  • 3
    CK 10/04/2021 09:32:01
    InsideSport: We do not want to see goals in cold Finland today


  • 4
    CK 10/04/2021 17:35:59
    Oh no! Looks like this match is going over too.

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