Hammarby - Čukarički

UEFA Conference League
Asian Handicap
Pick: Hammarby -0.5
Odds: 1.7
Stake: 1

Match date: 12/08/2021

Europa Conference League - qualifying, Leg 2

Venue: Tele2 Arena, Stockholm

Hammarby is hosting the Serbian club Čukarički and trying to overcome 3:1 deficit from the first leg played week ago in Belgrade.

Back then we saw one very nice performance from the Serbs who have played way better than in previous round against weak opponent from Azerbaijan. On that occasion (last round) Čukarički was hold at home to scoreless draw and then only in the second road leg they managed to secure the passing to the this current qualifying round.

For some those 3:1 against Hammarby was a surprising result, for some not. As for me, honestly I thought they could get some nice result because they are one very nice squad with many youngsters, very talented youngsters who worth a lot. So overall their team from the financial aspect is almost at level of Hammarby, just slightly below the Swedish team. But I wasn't sure how good result they could achieved, so it wasn't enough for me to pull the trigger with bet on the Serbian team back then.

Also, the things that pushed me away of such bet were the few facts that didn't go in favour of Čukarički. I mean on the fact they didn't play it on their own stadium but they were hosting on Partizan's stadium. Further more, the head coach of the Swedish side is the Serb, Miloš Milojević who knows Čukarički very well giving on the fact that previous two seasons he spent in the Serbian League as first assistant coach in Red star. And finally, the biggest reason why I have opted out from bet on Čukarički back then was the fact that Swedish team is very experienced, they already played in Europe many times and of course they compete in more competitive league in my opinion.  

But all these fact that are going in favor of Hammarby and that prevented me of Čukarički bet last time, clearly are the valid reasons to go with Hammarby this time around.

In my opinion this definitely should be completely different game. The game where the host should be be in main role while the guest are highly expected to focus max on defense. Plus this 3:1 score and fact that there is no more away goal rule, in my opinion really increase the chances for this bet. How? Well, I'm very positive the guests arrived here to heavily defend and when they concede (hopefully they are going to concede the first), their tactic won't change, Čukarički will continue to focus on defense having two goals advantage from the first leg and knowing that even 2:0 loss now doesn't mean elimination but such result would mean Extra Time.

Further more I really didn't like what I saw from Čukarički during the weekend game in Serbian League where they were visiting probably the main candidate for relegation, team of Kolubara. Čukarički was a heavy favourite on that match but at the end it was really embarrassing 3:1 loss. It's true the coach decision was to rest couple of the regular players but that isn't excuse against such opponent. Those guys are back in the team now but note that Čukarički was also with some missings due to injuries. Namely the injured are Srđan Mijailović, Miladin Stevanović, Darko Puškarić as well Aleksa Janković with note only the last one mentioned maybe could play in Stockholm.

I'll trust here to home team to win this second leg. 

WIN Score: 5:1 Profit: +0.7
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