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Match date: 30/01/2021

In the last Saturday's match of the 18th round of the 1st Croatian football league in Split, Hajduk and Lokomotiva from Zagreb will play from 19.10. For both clubs, it can be said that they haven't had a worse situation for a long time, Hajduk is in sixth place with 20 points, and Lokomotiva is last, tenth with 12 points from 16 games. There are many reasons why the situation is so bad, especially for guests, and the main question is who can get out of the crisis sooner and enter in series of positive results.

Advantage for that should definitely be given to Hajduk because club from Split has much better players, but so far this season they have provided far less than they really can. New sports director of club from Split, Mindaugas Nikoličius, could not change his players roster during the winter break, but he brought a new coach from Italy. It is Paolo Tramezzani (50), who previously coached Swiss Sion and Lugano, while in Cyprus he was the champion coaching APOEL from Nicosia.

At the start with Hajduk, Tramezzani had two away games in Šibenik and against the leading Dinamo in Zagreb. In Šibenik, he won 1:0 with a missed penalty in the 90th minute, while lost against Dinamo 1:3 with several missed great opportunities for goals. Tramezzani brought certain positive things in Hajduk's play, and now has two key games at home stadium. First Lokomotiva, then Istra 1961. These are the two worst clubs in the league and Hajduk has only one goal and imperative, and that is to win all six points and come closer to fourth place, which can bring placement in the European competition next season.

So, there is no doubt, Hajduk will start the waves of attacks towards Lokomotiva's goal from the 1st minute today and try to get a safe advantage as soon as possible with one or two goals. Midfielder Jradi due to cards and left back Čolina due to injury, will not play today, but Brazilian striker Jairo is returning, who didn't play against Dinamo and who is in a big crisis. Tramezzani believes that this match is ideal opportunity for him to wake up, and he will play in the attack of the home team along with Turkich striker Umut Nayir and the top scorer Mijo Caktaš.

We should also mention two young midfielders Teklić and Atanasov, who are the new strength of Hajduk in the organization of play, and Teklić scored the winning goal against Šibenik. A very important thing for Hajduk is to bring this winter experienced goalkeeper Lovre Kalinić, who will certainly be far better than Josip Posavec, who had a number of mistakes in the first part of the Championship.

While the new coach of Hajduk managed to repair the disorganized orchestra from Split, in Lokomotiva is chaotic situation after the departure of coach Goran Tomić. He left the club from Zagreb this winter because he received an offer from China, where he hasn't yet officially signed a contract, and Tomić was replaced by his assistant Jerko Leko. He had never led any club before, and that was evident when he lost two matches with Osijek and Šibenik 0:3 and 0:4.

Lokomotiva is paying the price of a disastrous transfer policy after sensationally winning second place last season. Main director of the club, Šikić, sold out all the best players in the summer, and this winter, captain Kolinger and Kovačić, two key central defenders, also left.

All new players who have come are either young and inexperienced or are veterans, who can’t show anything good. The last place is a logical consequence of that mistakes and Lokomotiva comes to Split this time as a complete outsider, a team without morale and self-confidence, without coordination and quality, where the only serious trump card is striker Aliyu, but he will get special attention from the home defense. To this should be added suspension due to cards that midfielder Cokaj has, while attackers Tuci and Budimir, left back Mersinaj and midfielder Sammir are injured. In the first two games, new goalkeeper Santini was also desperate, some of his mistakes were tragicomic.

In Split, Lokomotiva will be doomed to a convulsive defense and occasional counter-attack attempts, but our impression is that there is no serious chance of remaining undefeated. This is an important match for Hajduk, quality is on his side and victory of home team with at least two goals differences should not be missed. Never worse Lokomotiva team come to Split, like this one that will come this Saturday.

Probable first 11

HAJDUK: Kalinić - Todorović, Simic, Vušković, Mujakić - Teklić, Jurić, Atanasov - Caktaš - Jairo, Umut

LOKOMOTIVA: Santini - Lešković, Papadopoulos, Osmanković - Cipetić, Đira, Petrak, Pivarić - Chaija, Aliyu - Jelavić

LOST Score: 0:1 Profit: -1
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