Guangzhou FC - Qingdao FC

Asian Handicap
Pick: Qingdao FC +3
Odds: 1.8
Stake: 1

Match date: 11/08/2021

Maybe there is risk, but just think worth to try. It's no doubt that Qingdao in shit form now, but at least they never give up. Coach Wu Jingui said, “Despite our poor results, but tomorrow's game we will do our best, and we will play with the best lineup”

Guangzhou FC with some missing here,  Coach said only 16 players can be in the list, including 2 GKs, 2 are from trainning School, Liao Lisheng (11/1 m), Wei Shihao (11/5 f) and Gao Zhunyi (12/2 d) suspensions, Huang Bowen (5/0, m) injured. Coach Cannavaro said "It was the last game of the first and most difficult phase, which was repeated over and over again. I can also feel that the team is not only physically tired, psychologically may be more tired. "

LOST Score: 5:0 Profit: -1
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    HenryLai 10/08/2021 13:02:58
    Sorry, it's tomorrow's game pls help me to fix it, thx!