Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC

Asian Handicap
Pick: 1 (-0.75)
Odds: 1.88
Stake: 1

Match date: 30/07/2021

I was picked shit last round, Cangzhou without luck, Qingdao without fight sprit, unpredictable Guangzhou City hurt me hardly. Today I trust Guangzhou City one more last time. Play against bottom team, they should and must to grab something.

After 0-4 big losses, without a single win in six league matches in a row, the club apologized to all the fans who supported the team. They must do respond to the defeat.

Qingdao didn't pay salary on time, so Ulvestad(4/0), Vuković(2/0) and POPOVIČ(4/0) refuse to play for the club after CSL resume.

Only one thing we have to concern is last game VS Shenzhen, the remain 2 foreigners Alessandrini(5/1) and Radonjić(9/1) only played 2nd half. OFC they wanna grab point from poor form GZ City too.

I am thinking about pick better quality Guangzhou city or goals over 2.5. 1800 kick off, hot weather let goals become unpredictable, so my finally decision is -0.75

I have another pick on corner, Guangzhou -1.5.

WIN Score: 4:2 Profit: +0.88
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