Greece U21 - Croatia U21

Asian Handicap
Pick: Croatia U21 (AH-1)
Odds: 2.01
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/10/2020
Soccer »Europe» Euro U21 »Greece U21 - Croatia U21

European Championship Qualifiers U21 Group 4

Odds is solid while the AH-1 line is on the verge of profitability, unfortunately I have not been able to catch a more profitability AH line

The Croatian national team definitely has the best team of all national teams in Group 4. They are currently in third place, and if they achieve all the victories by the end of qualifying, it is realistic that they will qualify for the European Championship.
They will have a very strong lineup available for this match.
Greece is currently in 4th place in the table with very little chance of passing. Their team is of average quality, ie. far below the quality of Croatia.
Croatia beat Greece 5-0 at home with total dominance, and the result should have been more pronounced.

I expect Croatia to win by one to three goals."
VOID Score: 0:1 Profit: 0
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  • 1
    InsideSport 13/10/2020 10:17:38
    You were unlucky with the timing since the line moved from 2.7 at the opening and now is around 2.10+. Still, I see this pick as a winner, however, would be happier with higher odds on this line. Bounce back or live is a good option for followers.
  • 2
    Bullet 13/10/2020 14:49:42
    Yes I know, but still 2.00 + on line ah-1 is ok for invest.
  • 3
    Constantine 13/10/2020 15:05:40
    I really do like this Croatian team... look at the names! gl mate

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