Gornik Z. - Lech Poznan

Asian Handicap
Pick: away -0.25
Odds: 1.87
Stake: 1

Match date: 30/07/2021

Gornik Zabrze in Szczecin on Sunday have never been in the game and have never been able to worry the opposing defense. Podolski was not even called up while he is called up tonight but at the moment it is impossible to know if he will be from the team or he will start from the bench. Gornik Zabrze who after many years coached by Broz has changed coach relying on the expert but stopped for years Jan Urban, who is trying to give a game to the team accustomed to playing with ball possession for years. The Lech Poznan in the market has strengthened a lot but in the first home match they failed to win against the newly promoted Radomiak where, however, it must be said their goalkeeper was the best in the field and even an internal crossbar saved his goal. Lech who dominated the game but as in last season does not realize the many opportunities. The fans in the first game boycotted the ultras curve because they are angry with the team as they have potential to fight to win the championship but never manage to be bad on the pitch. I think that Lech Poznan have a lot of chances to win this match because I can't see how Gornik Zabrze can worry the rival goal as they have not built anything in Szczecin.

WIN Score: 1:3 Profit: +0.87
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