Gorica - Varazdin

Asian Handicap
Pick: Gorica (AH-1)
Odds: 2.17
Stake: 1

Match date: 10/04/2021

»Football» Croatia »1. HNL »Gorica - Varaždin

The main reason for this bet is the value of odds on line AH-1. The real odds should be @2.00.

Basic elements of the investment:

- Difference in the quality of players rosters.

- It is my opinion that Varaždin is the weakest team in the league and that they have the best chances of dropping out of the league.

- Gorica is fighting for  places that leading in the European competition.

- Have a quality team that plays attractive and attacking football.

In Gorica team will miss this players: Suk (MF), Jovičić (DF) and Nimely (FW).

- Gorica has a wide list of players and have adequate player replacements.

- Varaždin has 6 defeats in its last 8 away matches.

I expect Gorica to win by one to two goals.and expect a significant drop in odds.


LOST Score: 0:0 Profit: -1
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