Gorica - Hajduk

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Pick: AH 0 Hajduk
Odds: 1.8
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/08/2021

Hajduk from Split is coming to Velika Gorica tonight from 9 pm CET in the derby of 4th round of the 1st Croatian football league, and it's always a match of special charge and charm, especially when it's known that Gorica as a host hasn't lost against Hajduk in the last three seasons. Six wins and two draws, of which two triumphs in the last two editions of the Croatian Cup.

Gorica has six points from three rounds and new coach Krunoslav Rendulić is satisfied with the performance. Forwards Lovrić and Dieye scored two goals each, and even 0:2 defeat against Rijeka in the 1st round was unfortunate because Gorica had a number of chances and 16 shots on goal.

Today, coach Rendulić has problems with injuries and illnesses, and that is his biggest problem for the match with Hajduk. As many as four midfielders (Suk, Kalik, Ngouali, Janković) and right-back Doka cannot play, so the home coach will have to find some experimental solutions in some positions. How this will work, he isn't sure either.

- In order to beat such a strong team as Hajduk, all players must be at their maximum. Our goal is to limit Hajduk's players to as few chances as possible, our goalkeeper should be good, and we should have a little luck. But, the most important thing is to have as active play as possible, because if we don't score at least one goal, we cannot hope for a triumph - concluded the strategist of Gorica Krunoslav Rendulić, who constantly uses the 4-2-3-1 tactical formation.

Hajduk put together the strongest team in the last 10 years, but started this season poorly. Only four points in the league and a shameful relegation from Kazakhstan's Tobol in the Conference League. Swedish coach Jens Gustafsson is under fire from critics and very close to being fired.

For him, this match may be crucial, he is looking for a victory and nothing else. In relation to the last match against Šibenik, the Swedish expert cannot count on goalkeeper Lovro Kalinić, central defender Mario Vušković and striker Samuel Eduok due to injuries.

After a long time, Josip Posavec will stand at the goal. The last time Posavec played in an official match was at the beginning of March in a Cup match against Zagreb. Hajduk's problem is their physical condition, they played very badly in the second half in several games and Gustafsson tried to correct that this week.

- Football isn't always logical and fair. We had a lot of good first halves where we looked really good and we needed to score more goals. It's always very important to win the first victory in the Championship and I hope that it will be easier now and better with each subsequent of our play. This time we had more time to prepare and it should leave a positive mark and I hope it will be seen in Velika Gorica. We want to change the tradition here and finally win - said Gustafsson, the coach of the extremely offensive style of play, who will start with all the attacking forces (Sahiti, Livaja, Biuk, Ljubičić).

This will be a very interesting match and without calculations, especially from Hajduk. The guests will want to dominate and attack, while for Gorica would have good one point, considering home team problems of not playing important players. Hajduk hasn't won eight times in a row at this stadium, and now it has one of the strongest teams, so the tradition could really fall tonight. If not, coach Gustafsson will be fired...

WIN Score: 1:3 Profit: +0.8
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  • 1
    Ommm 08/08/2021 19:19:12
    bravo bro, great preview and execution
  • 2
    InsideSport 09/08/2021 11:46:02
    All S&G tipsters in profit after the first third of the month, let's keep it up guys!

    Featured tipsters also rocking!

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