Godoy Cruz vs Sarmiento

Asian Handicap
Pick: Godoy Cruz -0.25
Odds: 1.72
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/09/2021


I surrender at the feet of Godoy Cruz's new coach

It caused a revolution because it completely changed the chip of the players who came down and lost.

The first game was 4-0 at Gymnastics, which has a team to be higher, however I handle it very well

Second game, 4-1 on the road to Aldosivi, another win without question

Great performance by Martin Ojeda who today has been a figure game after game

As we see in the note, there are no casualties in Godoy Cruz

If in Sarmiento where the central Bravo will be lowered

Sarmiento comes from playing a pathetic game against Huracan where he deserved to lose and we talk about a hurricane that is weak compared to Godoy Cruz

In addition to being a weak away team, only 2 points from the last 15

If Godoy Cruz continues with the trend that he has been bringing, he should win it quiet

Good odds to cover half of the tie we have

HALF LOST Score: 1:1 Profit: -0.5
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