Godoy Cruz vs Gimnasia

Asian Handicap
Pick: Gimnasia +0.25
Odds: 1.891
Stake: 1

Match date: 05/09/2021

Penta88 = 1.891

They are two teams that do not come in handy, it is true

The two teams changed DT this week

But if I see the teams of both teams, Gimnasia is much better

Just now on these dates they are recovering the best of the squad such as Pulguita Rodriguez and Carbonero.

It will have the return of Harrinson Mansilla in the middle, fixed starter

Players of a different quality that not many first division teams have on their rosters

They had no luck with Huracan, where they deserved to win and even had a legal goal annulled

In Gymnastics, Pipo Gorosito, a DT with long experience in local and international soccer, took over

A few years ago, Tigre was the champion for the only time in his history, who was fighting the relegation.

With the squad that has Gymnastics he can do great things in my opinion

Godoy Cruz has a squad full of players with little experience in the first division.

Bielsa's aide-de-camp will take over, who has no experience leading top teams

https://www.laplata1.com/2021-08-31/godoy-cruz-y-una-nueva-apuesta-en-el-futbol-argentino-opto-por-un-tecnico-desconocido-que-debutara- before-the-wolf-62685 /

Not knowing Argentine football is a major problem, and it happened to Mono Burgos, Cholo Simeone's assistant for many years. Finished out of Newells in just a handful of games for not being able to adjust

In short, I see a lot of value in the quotas that they offer us since Gymnastics has better weapons to get out of this bad

moment, the locality obviously does not influence Argentine soccer and the locals are also in a bad moment

LOST Score: 4:0 Profit: -1
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