Asian Handicap
Pick: Gnistan(0)
Odds: 1.95
Stake: 1

Match date: 31/10/2020
Hometeam Gnistan are 2 points away from relegatezone before this very last game this season.AC Kajaani play same time against KTP so Gnistan still need to concentrate with 100% and try to take win here.After Gnistan restrenghtened late of this season with midfielder Luquinhas(12/5) and attacker Douglas Cae(12/6) they start to take points.In last game away against VPS(win 3-5) .Awayteam KPV was before this season one of topranked team,but anyway they never looklike team that have any chance to be one of topteam this league.They lost their last game at home against MuSa with embarrassing style,when they played 1 hour with 1 man advantage and they still loss 0-1."
WIN Score: 5:0 Profit: +0.95
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