Gillingham - Cheltenham

Asian Handicap
Pick: Cheltenham -0.25
Odds: 1.99
Stake: 1

Match date: 23/11/2021

Decimated Gillingham - captain Dempsey ( midf.17 1g), topscorer Oliver (6g), Lloyd ( second scorer 3g) Ben Reeves ( midf.2+4) , Tutonda ( midf.8+2), Bennett ( def.10+4), Alex MacDonald ( att.7 1g), Lee ( midf.4+3) where all out on weekend and hosts loose against last on table Crewe - will not recover any of these players as announced by trainer and could have two new absences, O'Keefe ( midf.11+2 1g) is suspended and Mckenzie ( def.15) that already played on weekend in spite of problems, is again doubtful.

Cheltenham is a middle table team with only one away match one and only nine goals scored in their travels, but it is inetresting to note that these two teams met already three times till now - last one two weeks ago - in League and FA Cup ( two times).

In all the occasions Gillingham had on field a team with at least 4-5 starters among the players out today but as in League Cup ( 1-1 and Cheltenham winners at penalties) as in FA Cup ( 1-1 first leg and Cheltenham won at reply) hosts weren't able to win.

Now they have a surely weakened team, as against Crewe, they'll have varius youngsters on field, plus no great turnover among first teamers, seeing their injury situation ( they have only 11-12 first teamers available.

So, away performances of Cheltenham should be helped by all these factors. Guests without Perry ( midf.5+5), Boyle ( def.6) out for more then one month and other players without minutes in last two months, midf. Chapman ( 12+3) is doubtful.

WIN Score: 0:2 Profit: +0.99
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