Gerena - San Roque

Asian Handicap
Pick: San Roque -0.25
Odds: 1.74
Stake: 1

Match date: 04/04/2021

Gerena - San Roque

Tercera 10

This game is valid for the last round of the first phase in the group 10. Gerena consumated the first relegation in the past weekend , so they will arrive with a very low morale and not so much in play. 

They accumulates 6 games without a win and the team is looking weak on this period.

Today they have sensitive missings in the middle , two of the players who carry the weight of the match are out ; Tore (18/0 M) and Chapi (17/0 M) 

San roque is the leader and already promoted one tier , but in the second phase they will be fighting to promote another more league and they need all the possible points, so must keep winning.

They have a great streak , and are one of the most on fire teams in Spain, having won 8 from last 9 games.

In my opinion this odds should be for the -0.5 and i see very hard that San Roque will lose here. 

WIN Score: 0:3 Profit: +0.74
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