Genoa - Parma

Under / Over
Pick: Over 2,5 goals
Odds: 2
Stake: 1

Match date: 30/11/2020
Genoa and Parma will meet in last game of 9th round of Italian Serie A, and these are two clubs started badly in the league this season. The bigger disappointment is Genoa, which has only five points and is in penultimate 19th place. Parma has a point more in 17th place, but even that is weak and below expectations.

For both clubs this is an opportunity for redemption and should not be a calculation. A point is not enough for both of them in this situation, and they will look for a victory, which is announced by both coaches in the statements before this game.

Genoa got a big boost of confidence on Thursday when beat angry city rivals Sampodoria 3:1 in the Italian Cup, after falling behind 0:1 at half time. Coach Rolando Maran said that this could be a positive turning point of the season, and that he expects a good game against Parma, and of course three points.

Maran is most concerned by defense, Genoa has already conceded 16 goals in the Championship, and several players from the back line are still out (Zapacosta, Criscito, Biraschi), while today the host also will be without both goalkeepers. The first Perin has to pause due to a red card, and the second Marchetti got injured against Sampdoria.
Therefore, Paleari or Zima, who do not have a single appearance this season, will be at the goal line. Midfielder Melegoni and striker Asoro were also injured, but all main trump cards in midfield and attack (Lerager, Scamacca, Destro, Pjaca, Pandev, Behrami ...) are ready for the offensive from the first minute.

Parma are also very poor in defense so far, they have also conceded 16 goals in the league, and coach Liverani does not have Cyprien and Sohma available in the midfield today. But he also has the highest hopes for Gervinho and the other offensive players.

- It’ll certainly be a difficult match for both teams. We’re both after a victory to kickstart our seasons. We all need points but the most important thing is to put in a positive performance, which can help us in a lot of ways. I believe that the team are growing and are working to get better, so I'm very confident ahead of tomorrow's game - said Liverani, and the statistics say that there have been 3 or more goals scored in total in each of Parma's last 10 away games.

Also, has been a first half goal scored in each of Genoa's last 6 games in a row, and has been a penalty awarded in 6 of the last 10 games between Genoa and Parma at Genoa's ground.

In the end, it should be said that this match is refereed by Maurizio Mariani, one of the strictest Italian referees, known for very easily handing out yellow and red cards and awarding penalties.

When it all adds up and subtracts, I see a game here with at least three goals in total."
WIN Score: 1:2 Profit: +1
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  • 1
    InsideSport 30/11/2020 20:47:06
    I must back the bet after reading this preview! Interesting game that will decide the winner in monthly competition! 
  • 2
    tipster X 30/11/2020 22:00:34
    10th winner in a row, congrats sir
  • 3
    InsideSport 30/11/2020 22:03:24
    And we have a new winner in the competition. Robert Munter has made such a great run and stoped with Finish leagues being over. I thought he was a sure winner. Absolutely massive performance from both of you guys. I am looking forward to writing tomorrow’s newsletter

  • 5
    robertovia 30/11/2020 22:58:44
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    You are welcome siroki35 well done!!!!!!!!
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  • 6
    InsideSport 30/11/2020 23:05:26
    First of all this is not a service as you state, we provide free tips so we do not have any need to explain ourselves to anyone. But let’s make an expemtion, Siroki makes this kind of comments pretty regularly to thank the tipster on the winning pick that he has followed, but yeah, you need some amount of intelligence to figure this commonality in tipster world. 
  • 7
    InsideSport 30/11/2020 23:08:46
    Also, betsballbet is removed from the area after couple of tipsters complained on copying/stealimg tips. Also they have their own website. Kaskader is one of the biggest professionals here and I have been in constant communiction with him. Thirdly, we use IP tracking so there is no way we would not catch anyone with double accounts even if they used VPN.
  • 8
    siroki35 30/11/2020 23:15:17
    Thanks Admin. I don't have two accounts because I don't need them. I like to thank people especially when they are good at typing, good series and I wish them a good job. "Robertovia" should be a little ashamed of these meaningless accusations against me.
  • 9
    siroki35 30/11/2020 23:50:06
    Thanks Admin. I don't have two accounts because I don't need them. I like to thank people especially when they are good at typing, good series and I wish them a good job. "Robertovia" should be a little ashamed of these meaningless accusations against me.

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