Genk W - Club Brugge W

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Club Brugge W
Odds: 2
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/12/2020
We can’t wait any longer for the Asian bookmakers because odds started to drop. With an odd of 2 for Club Brugge we still have value. As already said they are for me the 3th best team of the league and last week they showed that different players can score. Only the game against OH Leuven was a totally off day but in all other games they played good football. They only lost with 1 goal difference against Standard and Anderlecht, the 2 best teams of the league and all other teams are losing with big numbers against them.

Genk disappointed me last week, they couldn’t win against Charleroi. They were the better team and dominated the whole game but they couldn’t beat the defence of Charleroi. They had no answer against the good defensive organisation. If they play at the same level, it we be hard for them to score against Club Brugge.

For me Club Brugge has more quality in their team.
I see Club Brugge winning this game with 0-2. Fair odds for a Club Brugge win should be around 1.80."
LOST Score: 4:0 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    InsideSport 18/12/2020 10:51:28
    Asia did open half an hour later after the tip with 1.91. But odds did crash almost instantly. You know me, I prefer +5 units on Asia then +50 on Bet365 or other Mickey Mouse bookies

    Still, I can see why you rushed to get this. Looking forward to seeing you in profit land this month! GL!
  • 2
    Yippee 18/12/2020 11:20:53
    I will always try to publish odds on Asia but I couldn't wait any longer for that bet. I was surprised this mornig that the odd was still around 2.00 on some bookmakers. I took it yesterday on my local bookmaker for an odd of 2.08.
    1.91 on Asia was also value so I hope you could take that odd. Odds are now 1.55 so no more value.
  • 3
    InsideSport 18/12/2020 11:30:24
    Should be an opportunity for followers in live as well.
  • 4
    Jugoslav 18/12/2020 12:33:44
    Yippee: I will always try to publish odds on Asia but I couldn't wait any longer for that bet.
    I'm perfectly ok with Micki Mouse bookies in my country for such bets ::smiling. Benefits of living in "3rd world countries"

  • 5
    Yippee 18/12/2020 22:14:40
    I don’t know what I see here, Club Brugge is nowhere today and Genk is scoring very easy. Last week they couldn’t score and now already 4 goals. I still stand behind my bet. An odd of 2 was value and line closed at 1,60 in Asia.
  • 6
    InsideSport 18/12/2020 22:18:12
    Brugge ladies landed on a mine. It happens. At least Lommel has done their job so the evening is not a total bust!