Galatasaray v Ankaragucu

Asian Handicap
Pick: Home -1.25
Odds: 1.85
Stake: 1

Match date: 31/10/2020
The public are confused with this match for sure as I see odds dropping and then raising again.
It is because Ankaragucu have serious problems with covid and but on the other side Galatasaray are missing Falcao and Belhanda. For sure these are important absents for Galatasaray side. But we also know that a team with very serious problems are going to be visiting them.
There are something like around 10 covid case on Ankaragucu side. And most important info here is was given by the coach who mentioned that 5 players who played against Rize in last match are in those covid group. This is already a big news without knowing the names of who are covid.
He also mentioned those 4 players who turned to negative then had other problems and could not attain the training. Then 3 more positive cases were added. He said “9-10 men can make training”
Well the public probably reacted and raised the odds as Belhanda and Falcao are absent however Diagne is more than enough striker to hit the nets of Ankaragucu besides Eteba is back in the squad and for sure he will contribute to midfield. I am expecting an easy win from Galatasaray. Besides a few days ago coach Fatih Terim made a meeting with president and right after that he tweeted “everything is ok…” I must emphasize that he tweets very rare when something has really happened very significant. I am writing this because for weeks there was a crisis between Terim and management. I am thinking a motivated Fatih Terim is always important effect for Galatasray. I believe when XI’s are declared or when the absents of Ankaragucu becomes more clear odds will drop again."
HALF LOST Score: 1:0 Profit: -0.5
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