Fulham vs Burnley

Asian Handicap
Pick: Fulham -0.25 AH
Odds: 1.94
Stake: 1

Match date: 10/05/2021

This is the last chance for Fulham as they are 9 points behind in relegation with 4 rounds to go, while they face Burnley who they can beat to close the gap to 6 points in the hope of a miracle. Especially when this Fulham team is underachieved due to a bad first-half of the season and incapability to finish chances (their xG stats are actually better than Burnley’s), they would definitely still try hard. 

Burnley should have felted they are pretty safe, and dropped a point vs West Ham last week. Sure, they still want a point this game, but the determination wouldn’t be comparable to Fulham.

Without significant absence from both teams, it is valuable to back Fulham -0.25 @1.94 in this must-win game.

My odds 1.77.

LOST Score: 0:2 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    AsianBesTrader 11/05/2021 17:00:33
    inplay line gone -0.25@1.85ish, but they got a bit unlucky, and Burnley expert in this gametype

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