FK Sarajevo - Milsami

Under / Over
Pick: Under 3
Odds: 1.83
Stake: 1

Match date: 15/07/2021

Europa Conference League, Qualifications, R1, Leg 2

FK Sarajevo (Bih) - Milsami (Mda)

Venue: Koševo City Stadium

The first leg one week ago in Moldavia was finished with scoreless draw. I had back then nice winner with Milsami +2 but was late here to post it. 

In any case I was very surprised when I saw the odds for the first match. Sarajevo was so overrated. Yes, they are better of these two but not so much as those odds were suggesting.

Namely, after rich Asian businessman has bought Sarajevo few years ago, they quickly have become the best team in country and won few titles but last season when pandemic happened, that owner was not arriving at all in Bosnia, like he decided to put his obligation towards the club on hold and then of course the financial problems started. 

From best team in Bosnia, Sarajevo has become the team who started to drop pounts pretty much everywhere and at the end the Championship title was lost, Borac Banja Luka has won it. So, knowing what happened last season and knowing that Milsami just few years ago made huge upset in Europe when they have eliminated Bulgarian champion Ludogorets, I had easy call on the Moldavian team in the first leg. Also, the value of these two squads didn't support that there is such significant advantage on the side of Bosnian team.  

That being said, maybe also now in the second leg there is valid reason to go with underdog again but I'll skip this time cause simply I think there is better option. 

A little bit about Leg 1:

Sarajevo has started back then with this line-up:

Kanurić, Dupovac, Kurdić, Pidro, Šabanović, Oremuš, Đokanović, Sušić, Hebibović, Fanimo i Velkoski.

The game proved that Sarajevo was overrated but we must say they were better team on the pitch, especially in the first half they were better when missed few nice goal chances including penalty kick by Velkoski. 

So I feel Sarajevo could win now at home in front of home crowd (just below 10K tickets are in sale). Still, hardly this should be some convincing and easy game and that makes handicap market tricky. 

But given on what was seen in the first leg, this should be another lower scoring game.  

WIN Score: 0:1 Profit: +0.83
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