Finland - Belgium

Under / Over
Pick: under 2.5
Odds: 1.91
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/06/2021

Belgium given the certainty of overcoming the round and where they will probably make a turn over to rest some holders and where in the end a draw will be enough to secure first place despite the Finnish rivals are technically inferior to the Belgian team I think we will see a match with very few goals given what is at stake also for the Finns. Finland which with a draw will probably pass the round either as a second finisher or as the best among the third. If I then consider that it is a team that plays on the defensive but always difficult to beat given the competitive spirit that their players play and on the other hand, Martinez's Belgium is not an offensive team but rather they like to play in the throw-in. summing up, I believe that this match, in addition to offering very few or no goals, should also be an unsatisfactory show.

WIN Score: 0:2 Profit: +0.91
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