FF Jaro-Klubi04

Asian Handicap
Pick: Klubi04(+1)
Odds: 1.93
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/05/2021

Hometeam Jaro succeed last season in league ykkonen,when their position end of season was 3rd.Anyway after last season they loss lots of firepower when away moved Severi Kahkonen(21/8),Inalien Wilterlynd(19/7),Topi Jarvinen(21/6) and Anthony Olysanya(21/11) so totally 34 goals moved away from totally 50 goals.They have signed 2 new attacker Juuso Aalto who was quite long period injury in preseason and Mcauley Chrisantus but both players was uneffective in preseason.Jaro had lots of scoring problems whole preseason even against teams from lowerleague like JBK(1-0),Ilves/2(1-0) and TPV(1-0) they also loss their last game before season of league ykkonen against SJK akatemia from league kakkonen(2-1).FF Jaro started their league ykkonen with awayloss against EIF(3-1).

Awayteam Klubi04 was last season overpowering team in league kakkonen with stats 16-1-0 goals:56-14.Klubi04 are very young talented team with many players represent Finland U-19 nationalteam.Anyway their performances leave alot to be desired at least preseason first month,but in their last preseasongame they managed to get 1-1 awaydraw against FC Haka from veikkausliiga.Klubi04 started their league ykkonen with 0-2 homeloss against KPV.

Im sure that Klubi04 have their chances against weakened FF Jaro,even bookies make hometeam a huge favorite today.

LOST Score: 4:1 Profit: -1
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