FC Kemi city-RFA

Asian Handicap
Pick: FC Kemi city(+1.5)
Odds: 1.78
Stake: 1

Match date: 30/06/2021

Hometeam FC Kemi city had difficult to prepared into this season when lots of their last season regulars are no more in their squad,so they should rebuild almost whole squad again with very low budget.Its sure that their only target in this season is to safe their leagueplace and sofar they are 2nd bottom in table with stats 1-0-5/goals:5-14.They should have no important missings today in northest derby against RFA today.

Awayteam RFA is academyteam and they have cooperation with their 1st team RoPS from league ykkonen.Their stats sofar this season after they loss their last game away against JBK(4-1) 4-1-2/goals:11-7.Today their 1st team(RoPS) have game

too,so they not gonna get any strenghtening loanplayers from there like earlier like example attacker Jarkko Luiro.

FC Kemi city are their way to fight for their lives in this level and they have showed some stronger performances forehand much stronger opponent like OPS(1-2) and won away against VIFK so what i have seen their games im sure that they have chances to stay in league kakkonen.Awayteam RFA is academyteam and because their 1st team RoPS play in leahue ykkonen,their target is not try to promoted into same level.Today RFA not get loanplayers from RoPS so i expected very tight fight between these northest teams in league kakkonen.

WIN Score: 3:0 Profit: +0.78
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  • 1
    Robert Munter 30/06/2021 19:28:28
    Never expected so easy win 3-0 but yes bet won
  • 2
    Eazy 30/06/2021 22:43:28
    Thanks Boss!

    Congrats for being number one in June tipster cup!!

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