FC Juniors - Wurzburger Kickers

Club Friendly
1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: 2
Odds: 2
Stake: 1

Match date: 01/07/2021

It is true that the Germans are relegated to the third league but the technical difference between the two teams is enormous all in favor of the Germans. Here yesterday I had done -2 maybe even too much but definitely not worth 2.00. Both teams have already played two friendlies and it is enough to see the results and the teams faced to realize that there should be no match between these two teams, even if it is always a friendly match. In the last friendly, the Germans lost narrowly against a Bundesliga 2 team, while the Austrians clearly lost two friendlies against Puskas and Sturm Graz without ever entering the game. Having said that, I cannot understand why there is such a high share in favor of the Germans.

WIN Score: 2:5 Profit: +1
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