Eupen - Leuven

Asian Handicap
Pick: Leuven +0.5
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 06/03/2021

Leuven is still fighting for a play off spot and last week they won deserved against Antwerp with 2-0. Leuven has 2 keyplayers. First you have Mercier. He has a fantastic pass and is maybe one of the best technical players of the league. He can split the defence with 1 pass. On free kicks and set pieces he’s also dangerous. Second important player is Henry. He finds the net very easy and he fits perfect in this team and the way they are playing. They have a long list of injuries but most of them are not important players. I don’t see them as a big miss for today.

Eupen on the other hand is qualified for the semi finals of the cup and with Standard they have maybe the best opponent to play for so they have a chance to reach the final. In the competition they are nearly sure to stay in the league. The semi final is already next week so I expect that their main focus will be already in the game of next week and not on this game. Leuven is also a difficult team to play against with a good organisation. Keyplayer for them is Prevljak but against a good organised Leuven, I expect also for him a difficult game.

For Leuven this is an important game and I don’t see them losing this game. I expected more equal odds for both teams so I see value on Leuven. I go for Leuven +0.5 and fair odds for this line should be around 1.70.

WIN Score: 3:3 Profit: +0.9
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