Estudiantes vs rosario central

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Estudiantes
Odds: 1.819
Stake: 1

Match date: 08/10/2021

We are going to continue taking advantage of Rosario Central and its number of casualties.

Vecchio, the game organizer, very key piece

Gamba, Marco Ruben's attacking companion. Now his replacement, the Mexican Martinez Dupuy, joins

Besides the Zavala bomb in the middle

And the two centrals. Avila due to injury and Fosa Ferreyra now joins due to expulsion

If the Venezuelan midfielder Covea can return, but he is a substitute. Cover Vecchio's post

Central with that team could not with Talleres, lost 4-1 and last week lost at home with Argentinos

Students are doing a very good campaign, fighting in the top positions, today they are 4th

Although I enter a plateau of draws, for the first time, it will have the support of all its people and believe me, it is a fan base that can help in the development of the game.

Zielinski will be able to count on his entire squad, I don't read casualties

That is why I think it is the chance to take advantage of the drop in central Rosario with a good team like Estudiantes.

LOST Score: 2:2 Profit: -1
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