Esbjerg - SC Weiche-08

Club Friendly
Asian Handicap
Pick: home -1.25
Odds: 2.37
Stake: 1

Match date: 14/07/2021

It seems very interesting to me this friendly match this evening between the Danes of Esbjerg just relegated to the first division and the Germans of the fourth series Sc Weiche 08 who have only resumed training for two days unlike the Danes who have already played four matches and far ahead of status. Danes who have changed coaches and on the bench there is the German Hyballa exonerated from Wisla Krakow on the penultimate day of the championship because he had against the locker room due to his hard training methods, Hyballa who just arrived in Krakow gave a very offensive game to the team and as long as the players were with him they played very well. I think that the Danes are worth much less than the Asian -0.75 because first they are more advanced in condition and second because the rivals are a very weak team. I want to remember that the Germans in these friendlies suffer greatly from the physicality of the Danish teams and in my opinion, given that Hyballa has called up all the owners plus a few under 19s, they will easily win this match so I dare to play a handicap at a higher altitude convinced of the net victory Of these.

VOID Score: Canceled Profit: 0
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