Envigado vs Alianza Petrolera

Asian Handicap
Pick: Alianza 0.0
Odds: 2
Stake: 1

Match date: 14/08/2021

And as usual, we follow this team that good joys are giving us

Alianza Petrolera has already reached the top of the tournament and is the team with the least defeated fence in the league

As always said, this team comes from a very poor last season but found this season to build a very good squad, where without any glittering name the team fulfills what coach Bodhert asks of it, a guy with experience already

La Equidad, Pereira at home, Pasto and Millonarios were already charged for the Colombia cup

They also drew a draw from the powerful Tolima in Ibague

Envigado has been doing an acceptable campaign, but it is not from the powerful campuses of Colombia not even remotely

Neither its localia, Antioquia (near Medellin), nor does it have extreme height or a dry cold that complicates the game that Alianza Petrolera is leading. Neither does a crowd that makes Bodhert's pupils feel uncomfortable

His campaign shows it so far, just a 3-game win at his stadium

Let's remember Aliaza Petrolera, undefeated so far this semester. I win 4 and only draw 1

So we are going to trust in the good level that Portilla, Arango, Garces are taking and in Chunga's solidity in the goal.

LOST Score: 2:1 Profit: -1
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