England vs Scotland

Asian Handicap
Pick: AH (1) - 1.5
Odds: 2.02
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/06/2021

England and Scotland will be facing each other in the second round of Euro 2020. Match will be played at Wembley Stadium, so England definitely have the advantage.

England won the first game by a goal to nil against Croatia in the last round. They should have won by around three goals if the manager selected the right players.

Sterling scored the goal, but apart from that, his performance in my opinion was very poor. He tries to dribble alot and most of the times he fails which spoils the build up. His passing also sometimes is poor and even decision making. England had Grealish on the bench, probably their best player who plays same position as Sterling, who is better than Sterling in almost every aspect of the game but Southgate hasn't been picking him. That really has to change.

Another problem which I see is why play a right back in a left back position when you have two world class left backs ;( Chilwell and Shaw). Southgate played Trippier on the left back, he never plays there.

This England team can easily win against any team but has to have a better manager. However, in this match, England can still win quite easily but I doubt England if they can beat a team like Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal.

Scotland on the other hand having some of good players who play in top clubs still didn't manage to at least take a point against Czech Republic. They lost by two goals to nil.

England have been good defensively, and most credit in ny opinion goes to Declan Rice who doesn't get enough praise. He is the one who protects the back four really well. He wins back possession for the team and his height makes him good in the air. I feel England could keep clean sheet here too and they can score more than a goal.

I do not think if Southgate would change this team because even in the World Cup and Nations League, he never changed his team much. So same lineup in the last game could feature here (maybe Shaw in for Trippier but not sure though).

Scotts also would play same eleven, maybe one or two changes.

My prediction - England AH - 1.5

LOST Score: 0:0 Profit: -1
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