Asian Handicap
Pick: EIF(-1)
Odds: 2.07
Stake: 1

Match date: 14/08/2021

Hometeam EIF are in great posession 3rd place in leaguetable and their target of this season top2 are closer and closer.EIF are in good gorm with 4 straight games without loss and they have 2nd best record at home 4-3-1/goals:15-9.No important missings.

Awayteam Gnistan have lost their form complitely with 4 straight loss.They come to miss injured attacker Topi Jarvinen(13/3),defender Pasi Forsman(14/1),attacker Akseli Lehtojuuri(14/2),midfielder Armend Kabashi(8/0) also their best scorer Douglas Cae(13/11) starting on bench.

EIF have improved lately and have good squad situation,but awayteam Gnistan have lost their form and come here with weakened squad.

WIN Score: 2:0 Profit: +1.07
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