Dugopolje - H. dragovoljac

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Match date: 05/03/2021

Today, in Dugopolje near Split, perhaps the most important match of the 2nd Croatian football league this season is being played (3 pm, CET). Yes, this is only 21st round and there are many more games until the end in the league with 18 clubs, but if today host Dugopolje wins against now leading Hrvatski dragovoljac, home team will take first place and confirm that is the first favorite for the title and promotion to the first league at the end of the season.

In the past, Dugopolje was twice the champion of the 2nd HNL, but for financial reasons refused to go in the highest rank. This year, all conditions for a big step have finally been OK, so the team of coach Jure Srzić only must to win first place and Dugopolje will become the first league club.

This club made a very good decision by establishing cooperation with Hajduk from Split, and two strikers Šego and Kreković should be the key people to fulfill their ambitions. In the last two victories against Dubrava (3:1) and Orijent (1:0), Šego was the best player on the field and the scorer, but the whole team played very well, very confident in defense and very agile and combinatorial in attack.

Dugopolje has a big motive to win today, at home stadium otherwise has 9 victories in 10 games this season, and it has never been defeated by Hrvatski dragovoljac at home and has seven wins and three draws in 10 games. Coach Srzić cannot count on two midfielders (Brković - injury, Balić - cards), but he has good alternations for them and announced an 4-3-3 offensive schedule.

Hrvatski dragovoljac spent this winter in the first place, but also changed coach Boris Perković, which was a bad decision. The new coach Miroslav Kuljanac has five points in three games in 2021, but also a very unconvincing play, especially in attack. Kuljanac will not be on the bench today, some claim that he was also fired, while the official explanation from the club is different, but the team will certainly be led by his inexperienced assistant Ivan Parlov.

Also, guests are coming in Dalmatia without their best defender Ivkić, which is not good news considering what kind of pressure is expected from the hosts and their attack. The club from Zagreb isn't in a good financial situation and realistically its dreams of the first place don't have a realistic basis, even though at this stage of the season everyone is still doing their best. If there is no money, it will be different later.

I watched both last games of both clubs, and I will watch this one live at the Hrvatski vitezovi stadium in Dugopolje, and everything seen suggests that the host is a serious favorite in this match.

Coach Srzić's team has "head and tail", it knows how to patiently build attacks, it is good in set-pieces, but it can also be dangerous in transition. The visitors are solid in defense and without fast players in attack, so counter-attacks will not be such a threat to the home goalkeeper.

It may be uncertain match, but my impression is that Dugopolje will win, maybe easier than expected, which would confirm that this will be their season to enter in the 1st HNL.

LOST Score: 2:2 Profit: -1
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    CK 05/03/2021 17:30:12
    Bad luck again? 

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