Dubrava - H. dragovoljac

Under / Over
Pick: over 3.25 goals
Odds: 1.87
Stake: 1

Match date: 27/01/2021
Drago Parać preparatory tournament will be played in Zagreb in the second half of January, with participation of five members of the 2nd Croatian Football League (Hrvatski dragovoljac, Opatija, Sesvete, Kustošija and host Dubrava Tim Kabel).
Five rounds are played and all clubs will play against each other, which means that all clubs will have four games. These will be their only tests before the second part of the 2nd HNL, which starts on February 12.
Two rounds were played after which four clubs have three points, and only Kustošija is without points with two defeats.
Today, in the 3rd round, the host Dubrava Tim Kabel, and the autumn second league champion Hrvatski dragovoljac, will play at noon (12.00). It is a match that is awaited with special attention because rivalry of these two clubs is significant, which means that they will do everything to win today.
Dubrava lost his best player and scorer Dragan Juranović (10 goals) this winter, who moved to the first league club from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Zrinjski Mostar), but in match on Saturday against Sesvete it wasn't felt at all. Alen Šušnić team played a great game and won 5:3, and especially the first half was great when they were leading 4:1. On the pitch dominated striker Mudražija, and offensive midfielders Fruk and Fintić, and these are players whose quality exceeds this rank of competition. After all, Fruk is a member of Italian Fiorentina, and Fintić came from Croatian first league club Istra 1961. With them, defense of Hrvatski dragovoljac could have big problems because the host will certainly play aggressively and offensively.

Hrvatski dragovoljac from Zagreb is the leading team of the 2nd HNL, but this winter replaced coach Boris Perković due to disagreements with the president of club Perić. He was succeeded by his assistant Miroslav Kuljanac, who also had a very good game in his debut, recording a 3:2 victory against Opatija. Kuljanac had several changes in the line-up this winter, Tipurić and Crnčević left club as important players, but several new players came, so Bagadur, Itrak and Mihalić should present themselves today. The first two have first-league experience, and Mihalić passed the trial in the first-league team Rijeka.

Both coaches announced that they will use about twenty players in this game and that they expect maximum engagement from everyone. The players, on the other hand, have a desire to show themselves in the best possible light and secure a place in the starting eleven in the second part of Championship.
Everything leads to conclusion that this will be a good game in a strong rhythm, weather in Zagreb is nice, the field is with artificial grass and ball goes fast and it is very inconvenient for the goalkeepers. At least four goals in total are expected scenario in this match between two teams from Zagreb."
LOST Score: 2:0 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    CK 27/01/2021 12:48:04
    Bookies are very scared of this match
  • 2
    Bullet 27/01/2021 16:38:02
    @CK, no one is scared, but the limits are too small for games like this
  • 3
    InsideSport 27/01/2021 22:36:35
    It was a very wierd match. Somewhere around 20.minute Pinnacle dropped the game from live, while BF traded home win around 1.40 (drop from 2.70). Some soft books also followed this drop. Maybe @kaskader can tell us more?
  • 4
    kaskader 28/01/2021 01:01:23
    I was live at this game, but I didn't follow odds on the live betting. While Dubrava strongest team was playing in the first half, they had only one shot on goal. When the nominally reserve line-up came in the second half, they played very well and charged everything at the end with two nice goals. There could have been three, but Hrvatski dragovoljac was completely disappointed. As if they didn't come to the game.

    By the way, I’m not inclined to give bets where are small limits, it’s not worth it, but as I was invited to this match (I will post one bigger text on Saturday in SN about Dubrava), then I wrote this prediction, relying mostly on the tradition of efficient matches in the preparation period (turned out to be wrong choice, but second game of the day Sesvete - Opatija ended 3:2).

    Honestly I can’t wait for January to end, it’s not football month and it’s really hard to draw good bets. Numerous leagues are already starting in February and the choice will be far greater.
  • 5
    veily! 28/01/2021 09:45:39
    I really value your picks and knowledge on all leagues you post, and want to thank you and support you to continue doing a great job!

    But be careful with pre-match overs, often there is no numeric value in such picks in preM (except you have the inside info / fix first hand) no matter if closing odds are on a lower level than posted (market overreaction, small limits and there is no real picture on what the value is). Just my 2 cents, hope you find this comment useful. Good luck in the future!