Dinamo Zagreb - Sheriff Tiraspol

UEFA Champions League
Asian Handicap
Pick: Dinamo AH -1
Odds: 1.561
Stake: 1

Match date: 25/08/2021

Champions League - final qualifying round, Leg 2

On the Maksimir stadium Dinamo Zagreb is hosting Sheriff Tiraspol. Big task is in front of best Croatian team after they have failed big time week ago in Moldova. Back then Sheriff completely surprisingly has won the game but not just won, they did it super convincing with 3:0 final score.  

Still, nothing is over here yet. The hosts are hoping to overcome such big deficit now in Zagreb. It's going to be extremely difficult but in my opinion bet on Dinamo worth a shot. After all, we don't need them to qualify, even victory of two goals margin would give us profit while also some narrow victory wouldn't cost us money if we take this safe -1 instead of -1.5 option.  

Those 3:0 should have a big impact on the development of events in the second match. I expect from the guests to be fully focused on defense and nothing should be changed when they concede, even if it would be early goal. Meaning, I expect huge dominance of Dinamo in the ball possession and from that also enough goal chances will come. 

Dinamo is in problems with injuries, that's true. But those problems are mosty in defense. After game against Legia when they early remained without Rasmus Lauritsen, the same happened with Dino Perić in early stage of the first game against Sheriff. 

So now four guys are unavailable in the defensive line. Those are Daniel Štefulj, Rasmus Lauritsen, Josip Šutalo and Dino Perić. But Sadegh Moharrami has successfully recovered and was in the team in the last game of the Croatian league vs Lokomotiva Zagreb (1:0). So it's not everything so bad for Dinamo defensively. In any case, with above mentioned expected heavy defensive approach from Sheriff, I doubt Dinamo's defense could be challenged much.

When I already mentioned weekend game vs city rival Lokomotiva, it should be noted it was modest performance by Dinamo. Still, completely expected if you ask me. Namely, Loko is very solid team who is not giving away the points to Dinamo anymore so easily as in the past and secondly, it was expected Dinamo won't play with completely best team.  

The head coach Damir Krznar was announcing how they will think only about Lokomotiva. But obviously it's hard for players in situation like this not to think about possible placement in the Champions League. 

Even Krznar by himself was thinking way more about upcoming revenge game with Sheriff than he was thinking about Lokomotiva. If it wasn't like that, he would use his best possible starting lineup and wouldn't keep some of his best players on the bench. Against Lokomotiva Krznar picked this team:


Livaković – Moharrami, Ristovski, Franjić, Moubandje – Bulat (67. Jakić); Kastrati (46. Oršić), Ivanušec, Gojak (76. Čop), Menalo (46. Majer) – Jurić (67. Petković)

So Oršić has played only second half, Petković had even less playing time. Exactly these two had most credit for victory after goal in 77th minute, but we shouldn't forget also good goalkeeper Livaković who made great save in the 90th minute. 

The bottom line about that match, it's not something we should count on too much. That wasn't real Dinamo. I think we are going to see the real Dinamo now when it count the most. 

I can't say the host will qualify but I can say with high certainty that Dinamo Zagreb won't disappoint. They will play good game.  

For end I can say also that Sheriff is really fully focused on this. They have postponed four games already in the National league including the both of last two that were supposed to be before Game 1 with Dinamo in Tiraspol and now before Game 2 in Zagreb. Still hardly this could be helpful for them now. The champion of Moldova already made enough surprises. They have eliminated Serbian champion and now are arriving to Croatia with three goals advantage. It's time to they get back on Earth. Don't forget they are the team whose squad worth around 13 million euros while Dinamo more than 130 million. So as already said, it's time to go against Sheriff. 

Dinamo wins this game with 2:0 or 3:0. 

LOST Score: 0:0 Profit: -1
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